Charge of the AABAC

The Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee shall serve the Provost in an advisory capacity on matters regarding the amount, structure, and distribution of the budget of Academic Affairs.  In the conduct of its business, the Committee shall seek to foster budgeting transparency, longer-term as well as immediate fiscal planning, a greater understanding of budget complexities within the general membership of the Academic Affairs community, and a clear connection between the Academic Affairs budget and the University’s Strategic Initiatives.

Information Regarding Actions and Recommendations

Recommendations and information derived from meetings, actions, and decisions of the Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee shall be posted on the web page of the Office of Academic Planning and Budgeting. As needed, the Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee shall issue a summary report of its activities and recommendations. The Provost may append a report summarizing the status of recommendations made by Committee.


The Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee will be Co-chaired by the Provost and the Chief Academic Budget Officer, Academic Affairs, who will both serve in a non-voting capacity. The Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee shall consist of 11 members in addition to the Provost:

  • Three Academic Department Chairs (one from MVS, SoE, and A&S), selected by the Dean of each School
  • Three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate. 
  • An MPP appointed by the Provost that is actively serving in support of budget matters for a Dean
  • An administrator appointed by the Provost from among administrators serving Academic Affairs units other than the Schools and the University Library.
  • A representative (excluding faculty and staff members from other Schools and the University Library) of Extended University designated by the Dean of Extended University.
  • A student representative appointed VP of Student Affairs

Terms of Office

The student representative shall serve a one-year term and shall be eligible to serve no more than three consecutive terms. This position will be filled beginning FY20.

Terms of the inaugural members of the Committee (excluding the student representative) shall be staggered to insure longer-term continuity of membership. Terms of service shall be:

  • Committee Chair, Dr. Elizabeth Say, Interim Provost (non-voting)
  • Committee Co-Chair Kirk England, Assistant Vice Provost & Chief Academic Budget Officer, Academic Affairs (non-voting)
  • Sean Anderson, Chair ESRM, Arts and Sciences – One year
  • Manuel Correia, Chair – Two years
  • John Lu, MBA Program Director, MVS – One year
  • Janet Pinkley, Faculty – Two years
  • Lynette Landry, Faculty – Three years
  • Jose Alamillo, Faculty, Chicana/o Studies, Arts and Science – One year
  • Amanda Quintero, Associate Vice Provost for Student Success & Community Engagement, Two years
  • Judi Le, Budget Analyst, Extended University- One year
  • Blake Buller, Assistant Articulation Officer- One year
  • Martha Reyes, Manager Library, Library - Two years


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