2025 Committee Members

  • Dan Wakelee, Interim Provost
  • Scott Frisch, Interim AVP of Academic Planning and Undergraduate Initiatives
  • Hung Dang, AVP for Enrollment Management
  • Jim Meriwether, Interim Dean for Arts and Sciences
  • Amanda Quintero, Executive Director of Academic Student Success and Equity Initiatives
  • Jill Leafstedt, Exec Director, Teaching & Learning/Sr. Acad Tech Officer
  • Ed Lebioda, Assoc VPSA -Wellness & Athletics
  • Cindy Derrico, AVP- Student Affairs - Housing and Residential Education and ASI
  • Toni DoBoni, AVP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
  • Dotti Ayer, Special Assistant to the VPSA
  • Michelle Hasendonckx, Staff Council Representative
  • Diane Mandrafina, AVP for BFA/Controller
  • Erik Blaine, AVP for Administrative Services
  • Michael Bourgeois, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Simone Aloisio, Senate Executive Committee Representative
  • Geoff Buhl, Curriculum Committee Representative 
  • Colleen Harris, General Education Committee Representative
  • Catherine Burriss, Fiscal Policies Committee Representative
  • Sean Kelly, Program Chair Representative
  • Monica Rivas, Assistant Director of Advising, Special Populations Coordinator
  • Karin Hinojosa, Student Representative

Staff support - Meagan Chiaramonte

2025 Committee Information

DocumentsMeeting Minutes
CI's Student Success Plan August 2017February 6, 2017
IR Presentation November 07, 2017
Graduation Initiative 2025 CSU System Plan Part I and Part II
Memo to Channel Islands October 03, 2016 

Graduation Initiative 2025 Presentation to Faculty
January 19, 2017
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