Facilitating Graduation is a key element of a multiyear initiative adopted by the CSU Board of Trustees to increase graduation efficiency among CSU students. CSU Channel Islands is actively participating in this initiative and in December 2005 completed its report examining twenty-two dimensions where it is working to facilitate achievement of the baccalaureate degree. That report, the cover letter from President Richard Rush, and the faculty and staff members leading the Facilitating Graduation effort are found at links below.

CSU Channel Islands is committed to three related priorities related to academic readiness and degree completion. These are a) to help students to matriculate as CSU freshman well-prepared for university-level work, b) to enable students in their lower-division work at California community colleges to follow optimal pathways in general education and in the major to be CSU-ready upon transfer, and c) to encourage and support students in following efficient paths to the degree during their time at CSU Channel Islands. The last of these priorities, known as Facilitating Graduation, seeks to assist students in their goal of the baccalaureate by enabling them to complete their studies in the most direct manner.

At CSU Channel Islands, campus leaders among the faculty and administration have taken the lead in implementing strategies identified by the Chancellor's Office and by the Statewide Senate in a memorandum of August, 2005, designed to remove barriers to graduation and to better support students in their degree goals. Among the practices and policies reviewed were:the number of units in degrees and in general education, student academic policies, student academic advising, technology-mediated instruction, student orientation and the first year experience, use of information technology, and articulation and community college transfer.

In April, 2006, CSU Channel Islands hosted a visiting team of six CSU faculty and administrators who reviewed CSU Channel Islands' efforts in facilitating graduation and offered suggestions on areas where practices at other campus might serve as models for Channel Islands. Their official report is available at the link below.

CSU Facilitating Graduation Initiative/Campus Actions to Facilitate Graduation: