October 6, 2006

Steve Lefevre
Ernie Gonzalez
Therese Eyermann
Virgil Adams
Gary Berg
Liz King
Sean Anderson
Lillian Castaneda
Kathy Musashi

  1. The meeting notes from the prior meeting were distributed and approved as noted.

  2. Review of Changes to the Academic Master Plan

  3. Kinesiology – Request to develop internal team. Short form is due by December 15. Alex McNeill and Ching Wang have expressed their interest in the development of this program. There was some discussion on whether to push this back a year or keep it where it is.

  4. Short forms are required in the process and will still be submitted through Curriculum and then forwarded to the Academic Planning Committee for recommendation.

  5. Criminology. There was discussion about this degree. Harley and Beth are discussing the possibility of creating an emphasis under Sociology for this degree. There are concerns about this degree losing its focus with the community. Ernie Gonzalez expressed his concern that the continuity of the committee work being lost over time. The possibility of creating a minor in Criminology for 2009 was discussed. It would draw heavily on Political Science, Sociology and Psychology.

  6. Criminal Justice/Social Justice. Concerns were expressed about the title of the degree. Short form not complete – too sketchy.

    • What is the degree description
    • Mediation component needs to be addressed
    • Title of the degree
    • Course descriptions seem too similar
    • Program will not articulate
    • Cross listings with other departments
    • Learning objectives – what benefits to students
    • Tie in with philosophical ideas
    • No one else is offering the degree
    • Numbers are not realistic
    • Who would you hire as faculty

    Steve will send this information to Julia Balen and invite her to the next meeting.

  7. Next meeting in two weeks.