November 1, 2006

Steve Lefevre
Virgil Adams
Gary Berg
Liz King
Sean Anderson
Kathy Musashi
Steve Stratton


  1. The meeting notes from the October 6, 2006, meeting were distributed and approved as noted.


  2. Review of Changes to the Academic Master Plan Changes include:


    MBA to 2009
    Finance Emphasis to 2008
    List only Minors without Majors
    Move Special Sessions info to Degree portion of grid
    BA Social Work moved to 2012


  3. Steve reported that all pilot requests have been approved at this time. Steve reviewed the parameters of the agreement with the Chancellor's Office for the MA/MS/MBA degrees.


  4. Sociology and Nursing have received verbal approvals. Pending formal notification from the Chancellor's Office.


  5. A general discussion took place regarding the revision of the CSU Degree Program (long form), that has been sent out to the CSU AVP's for input. Steve circulated the revisions and asked for input. He highlighted the increased resource requests on the form, and asked the committee to be mindful of this when considering new programs.


  6. Social Justice Studies – presented by Julia Balen. In attendance as support were: Renny Christopher, Harley Baker, Beth Hartung, and Frank Barajas. Julia reviewed her new short form which was considerably expanded from her original proposal. She remains focused on using the title “Freedom and Justice Studies” and noted the support she has gotten when introducing this course of study at various conferences she's attended. After the presentation, the committee discussed the merits of the program. In concept, the program was approved but the committee does not agree that the title would attract students or adequately describe the course of study. It therefore approved the course with the existing title: Social Justice Studies. Steve agreed to write the presenter and share the committee's concern and share some title options.