February 14, 2007

Steve Lefevre
Virgil Adams
Gary Berg
Liz King
Ernie Gonzalez
Kathy Musashi
Steve Stratton
Therese Eyermann

  1. Notes: The meeting notes from the November 2006 meeting were distributed and approved as noted.


  2. Status of the Academic Plan: Steve reported that the CSUCI academic plan will be on the March agenda of the Board of Trustees in the form that we submitted it in January.


  3. Template for New Degrees: Steve distributed the new CSU Degree Program template. There was a general discussion regarding the revision of our long form to include new elements requested by the Chancellor's Office. The group also discussed the short form. After some deliberation, the following was agreed to:


    1. Modify the long form according to the new template and revise the signature page to include sign off from Ted Lucas (approval ‐ Steve will take this window to review the program with Ted) and OPC (for their review/consultation).


    2. The Short form, after approval by the Senate, will be distributed as an information item to: Information Technology, the Library, OPC and the Dean of Faculty.


  4. Degree Update: Steve updated the committee on pending programs. They are as follows:


    Chicano Studies ‐ in Curriculum Committee
    MFA in Art ‐ in Curriculum Committee
    MA English ‐ in Curriculum Committee
    Applied Physics ‐ approved by the Senate and President, sent to Chancellor's


  5. Meeting with Community Members: It was determined that several stakeholder meetings will take place over the next few months. It was agreed that two meetings should be held this spring, one with persons in health related fields and a second with persons in government and social services fields. It was agreed that our committee ought to focus its request for input in this fashion. Committee members were asked to consult faculty and other existing community contacts for referrals for these meetings. Steve will coordinate the meeting times. Other data needs to be collected such as transfer students, their curriculum, etc. We agreed not to have a separate meeting for community colleges, but include them selectively in the other meetings. Community meetings in other content areas may take place later, perhaps in summer.