The Charge of Assessment Council

CSU Channel Islands is committed to continuous improvement in the fulfillment of its mission. In the spirit of this commitment, the President of CSU Channel Islands directs the creation of the CI Assessment Council. The role of the Council, with broad cross-divisional representation, is to support the mission of the University by promoting and coordinating the on-going assessment of institutional effectiveness.

Specifically the Council shall:

  • Examine existing practices and programs, recommend new and different strategies as warranted, and provide counsel aimed at improving and enhancing the effectiveness of institutional assessment activities.
  • Provide support for systematic campus-wide participation in assessment through workshops, training, and resource development.
  • Provide support to the campus community through development, planning, implementation, and coordination of assessment efforts.
  • Provide support to the campus community through the interpretation and analysis of findings, the reporting of findings, and the integration of those findings into further program development and assessment.
  • Prepare an annual report on the activities of the Assessment Council and other reports as needed. Engage in other assessment and institutional effectiveness projects as directed by the President.

Policy on Review of Division Assesssment Plan - 1/26/2007 (PDF, 46KB)

Policy on Review of Division Assesssment Plan - 12/6/2007 (PDF, 46KB)