CSU Channel Islands (CI) acquired the services of Strategic Edge Athletic Consulting to explore the feasibility of starting intercollegiate athletics at CI. The process began in the summer of 2014 with the consultants documenting the history of Athletics at CI, creating a report titled "Models and Considerations for Beginning an Intercollegiate Athletics Program" (linked below), and subsequently meeting with various campus groups in April 2015. Following the consultants' visit in April, a follow-up report was produced and provided to CI in the summer of 2015. The report highlighted the challenges with creating an NCAA Division II program, including the financial resources (initial and on-going) that will be required.

The Athletics Planning Committee is currently reviewing this report along with other information in an effort to provide President Rush with a recommendation on how to move forward.

Athletics Planning Committee Member List - Spring 2016(PDF, 15KB)

Athletics Planning Committee Member List - Spring 2015(PDF, 15KB)

Strategic Edge Athletic Consulting Information

For additional information please email athletics@csuci.edu.

**If you have difficulty viewing the report or require an accessible version, please email athletics@csuci.edu for assistance.