To foster the collaboration of technology-based and related service-based companies with CSU Channel Islands and to promote technological excellence among its students, faculty, and staff for the benefit of the region’s economy


  1. Foster interaction between CSU Channel Islands students, faculty, administration, and regional technology-based companies through internship programs, academic scholarships, course guest lecturers, mentors, and the provision of curriculum advisors.
  2. Facilitate the coordination of CSU Channel Islands academic programs and regional technology-based companies needs.
  3. Support and sustain CSU Channel Islands through fundraising and corporate development in order to benefit the long-term needs of the region’s economy.
  4. Advance and/or showcase the application of innovative practices and technologies on the CSU Channel Islands campus.
  5. Host periodic events featuring guest speakers and topics of special interest to CSU Channel Islands and regional technology-based companies.

Advisory Board Membership:

The Advisory Board is comprised of CI faculty, staff and administrators, along with executives of local technology and service-based firms, directors of Ventura County incubators, local venture capitalist/angels and service providers for local industry.


CI will hold a series of Periodic Meetings on campus for Advisory Board members addressing specific agenda items selected by the University Provost and the Assistant Vice President for the Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics.  The Periodic Meetings will have a focus on the current and future curriculum and its alignment with community needs.  Input will be encouraged from the Advisory Board members to further strengthen CSU Channel Islands academic progress.

Board Member Commitment:

Attend 75% of the Periodic Meetings held during the academic year and contribute to the feedback process.