Add Money to Your Account

There are currently two ways to add money to your DolphinOne account - at a DolphinOne Card Kiosk (DOCK) and DOCK Online.

Add Money at a DolphinOne Card Kiosk (DOCK)

The DOCK is a machine, much like an ATM, that allows you to add money to your DolphinOne or CI Guest account using a credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) or cash.

DOCK Locations

There are two DOCKs on campus at Broome Library and Town Center Market:

  • Broome Library 1350
  • Town Center Market (on the wall between deli and Freudian sip)

DOCK Hours

Broome Library - same hours as the Library. Please see the Broome Library Hours web page for up-to-date information.

University Student Union - same hours as the University Student Union. Please see the University Student Union home page for up-to-date information.

DOCK Online

DOCK Online is available through campus user's myCI account & for guest users here.

DOCK Online provides students, faculty and staff with a campus ID card the ability to:

  • Make deposits to their DolphinOne Card
  • View 6 months of statement history
  • Request guest deposits from family and friends
  • Setup Guest Access to allow family and friends to make deposits and view statements.

View the DOCK Online User Guide (PDF, 110KB)

Need Help?

For assistance with the DOCK or to report a problem, please visit the Solution Center in Broome Library 1350 or fill out the Card Services Request for Help form.

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