Student Leadership Programs provides services and programs which facilitate student engagement, development, and learning experiences that prepare students to be effective, inclusive, and innovative leaders within their communities.  Guided by the CI Leadership Definition, SLP believes that leadership is a learned process that can be achieved by any individual.  This vision of leadership is accomplished through four main programmatic elements: the Student Engagement and Applied Leadership (SEAL) Center, student organizations, leadership training and development activities, and leadership recognition.


SLP seeks to achieve the following aims through the delivery of programs and services:

  • To provide resources, training and information for student leaders and advisors of clubs and organizations regarding leadership development;
  • To facilitate user-friendly, accessible and responsive processes for the functioning of clubs and organizations;
  • To inform campus constituents of the importance and availability of leadership, involvement and experiential and service-learning opportunities;
  • To collaborate with the campus community to facilitate the development of student leaders in curricular and co-curricular endeavors; and
  • To recognize the achievements of student leaders in co-curricular endeavors.

Overview & SLP Programs

SLP is housed in the Student Engagement and Applied Leadership (SEAL) Center located in Bell Tower East 1769.  SLP includes four programmatic elements:  the SEAL Center, Student Organizations, student leadership recognition and awards, and leadership training and development activities. Please click the following links to learn about our programs.

The CI Definition of Leadership

The CI Definition of Leadership was created to establish a consistent definition across CI  that clarifies University expectations and allows students to explore leadership, discover their individual strengths and talents, determine their core values, and  prepare them to be contributing citizens and leaders of society.  The CI Definition of Leadership is:

With excellence and integrity, CI Leaders serve others, build community, personally flourish, and act in a positive and socially responsible manner.

Under the guiding values of excellence and integrity, the definition focuses on 4 attributes of leadership:

  • Serve: Leaders work with honor and commitment toward an end greater than themselves by adding value to the community.
  • Build Community: Leaders cultivate relationship which honor the diversity and needs of the community and work collaboratively with others to create and support sustainable change.
  • Flourish: Leaders thrive through ongoing learning, counsel and self-reflection so that they can make their best contributions and experience the greatest level of accomplishment and satisfaction from their efforts.
  • Act: Leaders must take initiative and be responsive in an ethical and responsible manner.