Interim Faculty Director

Sunghee Nam, Sociology

Faculty Advisory Board

Selenne Banuelos, Mathematics › Faculty At-Large (Spr 19)
Elizabeth Sowers, Sociology › Faculty At-Large (Spr 18)
Colleen Harris, Library › Faculty At-Large (Spr 19)


The mission of the Center for Integrative and Interdisciplinary Studies is to serve as an organized source of information and support for integrative and interdisciplinary approaches to the creation, discovery, transmission and application of knowledge.

The goals of the Committee for Integrative Studies are to:

  1. create the infrastructure for integrative and interdisciplinary teaching and learning
  2. design and implement programs and curricula that promote integrative and interdisciplinary understanding for students in all fields of study
  3. assist faculty in developing the integrative and interdisciplinary dimensions of their teaching, scholarship, and service activities
  4. facilitate and develop academic and scholarly exchanges and partnerships for students and faculty
  5. coordinate all activities that enhance campus awareness of interdisciplinary and integrative studies and their importance to the life of the campus and local community