Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities as a CSA?

As a CSA, you are responsible for timely reporting to the CSUCI Police Department any Clery crime that is reported to you when you are operating in your professional capacity. Immediately reporting crimes enables the Chief of Police and Clery Director to determine if they should send a timely warning or emergency notification to the campus to help ensure safety. The report will also be counted into the annual crime statistics published in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

How am I supposed to know if something qualifies as a Clery crime?

A list of Clery crimes and definitions of Clery crimes are provided on the Annual Security Report website, and can also be found on the Campus Security Reporting form available for your use. If you are not sure that a crime qualifies as a Clery crime, report it by using the CSA Reporting Form. The Clery Director and Chief of Police will make the determination regarding whether or not the report is a Clery crime.

What if I’m not sure a crime actually happened?

If a crime is reported to you, you MUST report it. Only the Clery Director and Chief of Police can make a determination about whether or not a crime actually occurred.

Should I investigate what was reported to me?

No. Your responsibility is to make the report on this reporting form . You should not conduct any investigation or draw any conclusions about whether or not the reported crime occurred.

What if the crime occurred off-campus?

Any Clery crime that occurs within the Clery geography must be reported. Off-campus locations that are part of the Clery geography include:

  • Public areas that border the campus.
  • Any building or property off-campus that is owned or controlled by the University and is used in support of or related to educational purposes.
  • Any building or property off-campus that is owned or controlled by the University and is frequently used by students.
  • Any building or property owned or controlled by a registered student organization.

When in doubt, report the potential Clery crime to the Police or Clery Director. They will determine if it is part of the Clery geography.

Who do I contact to make the report?

Crimes should be reported to the Channel Islands Police Department immediately, or as soon as practically possible.

For emergencies, call 911.

For non-emergencies, call 805-437-8444 (CI Police Department)

After you make a report, you must complete the CSA Reporting Form in order to complete your responsibilities under Clery. Please remember you are responsible for filing a report under Clery.

What information do I need to provide?

You should gather as much who, what, when and where details about the crime as you can. Gathering this information will help the Chief of Police and Clery Director determine the nature of the crime, and whether or not a timely warning or emergency notification should be distributed to the campus.

If you a mandated reporter of child abuse and the crime happened to a minor, you will need to make a subsequent report as a mandated reporter. Please refer to CSU Executive Order 1083 or contact Laurie Nichols at 805-437-8425.

When should I make the report?

You should make the report immediately after receiving the information. If you are not able to make the report immediately, you should make it as soon as possible to ensure that any necessary timely warning or emergency notification is made to the campus.

Under no circumstances should you delay reporting a crime to the Police Department.

How else can I help a student who reports a crime to me?

If a student reports any type of sexual misconduct, you must report the allegation to the Title IX & Inclusion office using this form. You should also refer the student to our Campus Advocate. CSUCI's Campus Advocate provides additional confidential support and guidance to all victims of sexual violence.

Students who are victims of any type of crime can be referred to Counseling and Psychological Services.

What if I don’t want to be a CSA?

The Clery Act defines those individuals who must act as CSAs on campus. If your position functions fall into one of those categories, you cannot opt out of being a CSA and are required to report those crimes that are reported to you.

If you believe you have been mistakenly identified as a CSA because your position functions do not fall into one of the identified categories of employees, contact, providing an explanation or your position description for review.

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