Types of Student Organizations

Student organizations (can also be known as 'clubs') are placed into one of the following categories based upon their members’ interests and goals. This is done to foster communication between organizations that may share similar philosophical underpinnings and to assist interested students in locating and finding a suitable student organization for their needs. The categories available to select from are:


A student organization with the stated objective of providing an opportunity for individuals to discuss and share information related to a specific academic discipline, topic or interest. These student organizations provide opportunities to get to know other students in one’s academic discipline as well as faculty members inside and outside of the classroom. Members will be exposed to opportunities for networking and leadership development.


A student organization that is culturally based seeks to fulfill CI's mission to promote all forms of diversity and understanding.  As with all campus student organizations, cultural organizations do not limit membership to any cultural group, and welcome all to learn in a safe and encouraging multicultural environment.  These clubs typically hold regular events displaying culture and serve as a point of information for others who seek to understand different cultures.


A registered faith-based organization serve as a haven for students who share similar worldviews and ideologies, or who are exploring new facets of faith and spirituality.  Activities typical of faith based student organizations include fellowship, spreading awareness of their worldview, and acting as a point of reference for students interested in learning more about their faith.  Faith based organizations do not limit their membership to any particular faith or ideological belief, and welcome all students.

National Honor Societies 

These CI student organization maintain affiliation with a national honor society, and members of these organizations are registered on the basis of academic achievement and accepted by invitation only.  Often these organizations have a focus on community service, in addition to academic achievement.  An honorary student organization holds initiation and recognition ceremonies, and may hold meetings throughout the year.  Often there are dues associated with membership in these organizations.


Political student organizations promote political party ideologies and may exist as a community that discusses issues regarding local, state, and/or federal governments.  Political student organizations may be nationally affiliated with their respective political party.


Sororities and fraternities are formed with a commitment to leadership, diversity, community, and service.  These organizations design and implement programs, events, and activities which support and enrich the goals of CI's educational mission.  Currently CI does not have any nationally affiliated Greek chapters, and can only accommodate limited local sorority/fraternities. 

Service & Social Justice

A student organization registered under this category places special emphasis on benefitting the community through education and awareness of social issues, as well as stewardship, service learning, and/or active community service.  In addition, these student organizations place emphasis on personal growth, leadership, and building lifelong friendships.

Special Interest

A student organization with the purpose of providing a place for members to discuss issues relevant to them, express their interest in a given subject, serve as a support group for students on campus or as representatives of a group off campus, or act toward the advancement of social interests that affect both the University and the community at large. 

Sports Clubs

 A registered sports club is one that is highly organized and provides instruction and competition at the extramural level.  Competitive sports clubs are generally characterized by their participation in a league or conference and their affiliation with a regional or national governing body.  Non-competitive sports clubs also exist, which provide members with a chance to engage in a favorite athletic activity with peers.  For more information regarding Sports Clubs, please visit Campus Recreation's website.

 To view a current list of clubs and organizations, please visit our CI Sync Directory.