The objective of the Anti-Bullying Summit 

The annual Anti-Bullying Summit is in conjunction with the into LGBT Studies class (ENGL/GEND 433) with the support of the IRA committee. While the idea for the this project was initially in response to the many suicides (and locally, a murder) of presumably gay/transgender youth related to bullying, we bully and are bullied around a wide range of issues. This project allows students to explore these issues and how they are related in more depth. Each year the students in the Intro to LGBT Studies class research a topic based on the interests expressed by community leaders. The first Anti-Bullying Summit was in 2011 with the support of the local religious, social service, and educational leaders to campus to participate in a community discussion on how to address bullying, suicides, and violence generally as well as specifically due to social attitudes toward gender/sex differences. 


AB Summit 2011: The Most Recent Studies on Bullying From a Variety of Disciplinary Perspectives 

AB Summit 2012: The Cost of Doing Nothing About Bullying 

AB Summit 2013: Cyber-Bullying

AB Summit 2014: Body Shame and Bullying