The Center for Multicultural Engagement, in support of the STEM initiative, is offering stipends to STEM faculty who would like to increase the multicultural perspectives they engage in teaching, mentoring, and research.  We are accepting proposals for projects that might include:

  • Researching appropriate multicultural perspectives and revising a syllabus accordingly
  • Developing a mentoring program for non-traditional students in the field
  • Augmenting a program already in place through further research and skill development
  • Research about multicultural perspectives in your field to write or revise a piece for publication
  • Research and implementation of any other creative ways to engage multicultural perspectives in the STEM disciplines

We encourage those considering submitting proposals to attend the workshop with Syliva Hurtado on April 5 at 6:00 p.m. in Broome 2325.  Ideas developed out of this workshop will be given priority.

Proposals of no more than 3 pages should include succinctly detailed descriptions of research and implimentation plans with timeline and deliverables no later than May 25, 2010.  If projects include revising a syllabus, piece of research, or current program, please submit a copy of the work to be revised as an addendum to your proposal. 

Proposals are due April 15th.

Stipends may range from $100-$500

Please submit proposals to:

Tacey Burnham, Centers Coordinator