Graduation Initiative 2025

  • The CSU launched Graduation Initiative 2025 with a clear goal: to increase graduation rates for 475,000 students across all 23 campuses.
  • To meet the workforce demands of California’s economy in the years to come, Graduation Initiative 2025 will add 100,000 more baccalaureate degree-educated workers to California over the next 10 years.
  • Increasing the graduation rate improves the lives of our students by reducing the expenses and debt load incurred by extra years of coursework while simultaneously increasing the time our graduates are in the workforce contributing to their own financial well-being and providing a boost to the state and national economy.
  • CSU Channel Islands was assigned the following very ambitious graduation goals with the CSU Chancellor’s Office.  Eliminating the achievement gap between students who are underrepresented minorities and other students is a central goal of the initiative.
  • To meet these ambitious goals, CI has embarked on a campus-wide effort to identify barriers to student success and to remove barriers whenever possible.

 For more information on The California State University 2025 Graduation Initiative visit The California State University Graduation Initiative 2025 site.

2025 Committee

2025 Subcommittees

CSU Channel Islands Goals Graduation Initiative 2025
Metric2025 GoalMost Recent Rate
Freshman 6 - Year Graduation67%57%
Freshman 4 - Year Graduation40%25%
Transfer 2 - Year Graduation54%42%
Transfer 4 - Year Graduation78%68%
Gap - Undergraduate Minority07% points
Gap - Pell02% points
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