How College Readiness is Measured

There are three opportunities to demonstrate that students are academically ready for University level mathematics and English coursework:

  1. CAASP: The CSU will use the CAASPP results to determine your EAP status.  
    • Your school will provide you with your CAASPP results that include your EAP status in mid to late August.
    • Your EAP status for English and mathematics is located on the right side of your CAASPP Student Score Report. Additional information on the Early Assessment Program (EAP) is located on the back side of this report.
    • Make sure you review your results and keep your CAASPP Student Score Report for your records in a safe place. You may need to provide your results to CSU admissions or participating CCC’s upon request. 
    • The CSU and CCC will automatically receive your CAASPP results if you authorized the release of your results.
  2. Multiple Measures: The second opportunity is your 12th Grade academic preparation work. You can meet any of the coursework and GPA threshold combinations noted in the multiple measures criteria during your senior year of high school.  While it is no longer required for admission to the UC or CSU, if you choose to take the ACT or SAT tests, you may still report your scores for consideration in course placement.
  3. Early Start Program: The third opportunity, if you do not meet the criteria for the first two opportunities, is to take general education math and/or written communication courses with support elements when you arrive at your CSU campus. You may also need to participate in the summer Early Start Program.
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