• Twelfth Grade Expository Reading and Writing Course
    The CSU Expository Reading and Writing Task Force, comprised of members from the CSU as well as K-12 English faculty and curriculum specialists, has developed a series of assignments based on non-fiction texts to use in a 12th grade expository reading and writing course that districts will be able to pilot and adopt. The course is designed to prepare students for college-level English and it is aligned with English-Language Arts Content Standards. This course is offered at most of our local high schools usually designated English 4-ERWC. 
  • Workshops for Teachers Piloting the Twelfth Grade Expository Reading and Writing Course Modules
    CI offers ERWC workshops for middle and high school teachers who would like to become certified to teach the 12th grade Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC). It is a requirement for adoption of the ERWC as an a-g high school course that teachers be ERWC-certified by completing a workshop series. These workshops are a 4-day series co-facilitated by CI English faculty and ERWC-certified high school teachers.