FS has several energy conservation projects that are in progress or that have been recently completed:

  • Using our Strategic Energy Management Plan to guide CI through accomplishing its energy conservation goals.
  • Conducting a lighting survey campus-wide and helping to implement an electricity conservation plan.
  • Installed LED Lights in North Parking Lot; exploring feasibility of implementing LED’s campus-wide in the future.
  • Conducting a temperature survey campus-wide; assessing whether room temperatures are within the prescribed band; and calibrating thermostats for optimal energy performance.
  • Performing EPA Energy Star bench-marking studies.
  • Conducting LEED-EBOM analysis on buildings campus-wide.
  • Designing and developing a "low cost" solar retrofit system for current parking lot lights on campus.
  • Exploring the feasibility of LED Lighting in Aliso Hall.

Additional Information

Please see the following links for detailed information on various energy conservation projects:

Completed Projects

Projects in Progress