As interest and commitment to sustainability grew within the campus community, CI developed an Energy Dashboard powered through WattCafé in July 2011. This technology provides real time information on how much energy is being used at each building on campus at any given time.

WattCafe Dashboard

Beyond real time information, the dashboard provides analytics, reports, mobile platform views, and much more all within convenient and easy reach for the entire campus community. A student can compare how different buildings perform and can relate energy use to a variety of factors such as a function of time, weather, and occupancy levels in any given building. The campus community can check when exterior lights on campus get turned on and off based on peaks and dips during late evenings and early mornings. Students in the living units can compare how one dormitory compares to another in terms of watts per square foot.

With an extensive display of charts and analytics, the WattCafé Dashboard serves as a powerful platform for both the novice as well as the expert. It stimulates thinking throughout the campus community in different ways that hold the potential to make a profound impact on campus energy use.

In addition to the immediate goal of real time information display, the WattCafé dashboard sends monthly consumption values for billing purposes into the Campus Energy Use and Accounting System. FS engineers can review live feed from the dashboard and confirm, when necessary, that no obvious usage anomalies exist. View CI’s Energy Dashboard

WattCafe Iphone Application