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The purpose of this student led project is to examine the current lighting levels of Bell Tower in different zones. Lighting audits of the Bell Tower corridors, offices, restrooms, and "miscellaneous" areas were taken and each of these areas was found to be well over the engineering recommendations for area lighting. Several solutions are currently being researched. These solutions include retrofitting the current bulbs in Bell Tower from Fluorescent to LED, installing daylight sensors in areas that garner sufficient outside light to reduce the necessity of interior lighting, and potentially removing light fixtures from Bell Tower corridors in an effort to drop the average Foot Candles and demand wattage.

Survey results showed that the "best" lit corridor measured a mean of 20 Foot Candles while the "worst" lit corridor measured a staggering mean of 44 Foot Candles. This may be due to having light fixtures with dual 32 Watt bulbs spaced in close intervals.

During both the day and night surveys it was noted that several motion sensors were not operating properly and daylight harvesting sensors (photocells) are not present anywhere in Bell Tower. Several unnecessary light fixtures were found in the survey areas. Accent lights do not appear to be attached to a sensor of any kind and are in the "always on" configuration. These lights included the solitary fluorescent bulbs present at classroom entry ways, accent lighting for artificial plants, and decorative lighting in the bathrooms and corridors.

In conclusion the Bell Tower was found to be over lit, resulting in elevated costs and excess electricity consumption. An action plan has been assembled to address these issues and work towards more energy efficient lighting at CSUCI.

Room Lighting Usage and Cost Calculator (MS Excel, 28.5 KB).

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