In order to advance CI's efforts for a more sustainable future, FS is continuously communicating and working with other departments on campus as well as searching for innovative students who are eager to contribute fresh ideas and lead research initiatives. Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM) students take on environmental research projects for their senior Capstone along with many other departments (Art, Anthropology, Performing Arts, etc.). A list of select projects can be found below. 

Energy and Society (Chem 344)

Dr. Safa Khan is the instructor of Chem 344, Energy and Society. According to the course description, their semester long project is to survey the physical, chemical, and engineering principles involved in the production of energy from current and potential sources and the economical, environmental, and political issues surrounding energy production. The following are the projects that Facilities Services is assisting in completing.

Tree Planting

This group wants to help plant more trees on campus. This will go towards our “Tree Campus USA” award that we apply for annually and have successfully gained the past four years.

Sustainability Events Guidelines

This will serve as a reference to state what is and what is not allowed to be purchased and used at events. It will also encompass a way to monitor and regulate the amount of landfill and recycling being produced at the events.

Waste Management

 The purpose of this project it to create a way to farther separate the recycling on campus. The goal is to have multiple bins around campus to separate plastic, cans, and glass to be recycled. The money used from this project will go back into the program to expand the way the recycling is handled.

Housing Energy Management

Monitor electricity by building instead of by village will help in further investigating ways to reduce energy consumption.

Hydration Stations

This project was completed in August 2014. Between the begin date and December 2015, it has diverted 3,215,655 plastic water bottles! CI has a sustainability map that encompasses the locations of the hydration stations on campus as well as other sustainable attributes.







Recycling Drive 

This recycling drive was created to bring awareness and shows how easy it is to properly recycle waste!











GreenScreens were conceptualized to help reduce the paper use due to the amount of posters being put up. By using these screens, we are able to efficiently post up-to-date information across campus.

Gown Donation Drive

Cameron White, a graduated Communications major, started the donation drive in 2013 to reduce the need for graduates to have to buy brand new gowns that will have a one time use. 

Conserve CI Art Project

Students took their own actions against the drought by giving visual aid to show the severity of not having water.

Flower wilting - save water before it's too late







Rain Barrel Capstone Project

Locations of the rain barrels around campus








The full report can be found here.

Essentially, this Capstone was created to help conserve water at CI! The water collected during the rainy seasons are then used by Facility Services Grounds workers to water nearby plants.


Learn how to get involved!

We have projects in the areas of energy conservation, waste minimization, water conservation, and landscaping. For more information on how you can contribute to CI’s sustainability efforts beyond the classroom, contact us:

Coleen Barsley
Sustainability & Operations Analyst for Department of Facilities Services
California State University Channel Islands
Phone: (805)437-3507
Located in Ironwood Hall