Care Packages

In RHA, we handle the care packages that your family or friends can send to you once a month while you are here at college. Once we get the shipment of that month’s packages we send out an email according to the information that your family or friend provided while buying it for you. We send information out in the fall so people interested in receiving one could sign up and purchase a delivery system. Then the student would open and read the email of howand when they can pick up their package from the RHA office. 

Our Campus Market or O.C.M is a service that has been established since 1981, and are the company we go through for providing students with the care packages. There are a variety of different packages which may include food or other school-related items, as well as a personal card where your family or friends can write you encouraging statements or wish you good luck at your new founded education.  

Dolphin Dollars

Throughout the year, you will be able to earn a special kind of currency only accepted on campus through RHA, called Dolphin Dollars. You can earn Dolphin Dollars in different ways, such as being an outstanding citizen on campus, or getting good grades on different assignments, quizzes, tests, or essays. This currency can be used to purchase different CI merchandize and other items from RHA. These are items that are normally found in the bookstore, such as hats, shirts, lanyards, notebooks, & more!