This website is designed to provide updates regarding CSUCI Housing & Residential Education (HRE) plans and operations for Fall 2020. Messages sent to students about Fall 2020 are provided below; we have also included messaging sent to on-campus residents in Spring 2020 during our COVID-19 response. HRE will continue to provide relevant updates via email to resident students and post copies of those communications on this webpage.

Given the dynamic nature of this emergency, the information we send out and post here is subject to change based on changing conditions. For additional information on connecting virtually with our Housing & Residential Education team, please check out our additional resources.

On-campus housing will be available for students who need or want or need to live on campus, though capacity has been significantly reduced to allow for adherence to guidance from Ventura County Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.

Room Assignments

HRE has provided information on expected Village assignments, but these assignments are not guaranteed and may change due to health requirements. For students who did not receive their first choice, HRE has maintained a waiting list for each facility and will make room adjustments as spaces become available.

All students living on campus in Fall 2020 will be assigned to a private suite or apartment with their own bedroom and assigned bath. Fees for each facility are noted below.

Academic Classification:Village Assignment
First-year studentsSanta Cruz or Santa Rosa
Transfer students*Anacapa or Santa Cruz
Returning Students with less than 50 unitsSanta Cruz or Santa Rosa
Returning Students with more than 50 units
Anacapa or Town Center
*Transfer students may be assigned to Town Center on space-available basis.

Planned Room and Board rates

All students living on campus in Fall 2020 will be assigned to a private suite or apartment with their own bedroom and assigned bath. Fees for each facility are noted below.

HRE VillageRate TypeFall 2020 RateMinimum Fall Dining Rate*:Total Fall Minimum Cost:
Santa CruzSingle-Double$5,530$1,815$7,345
Santa RosaDouble$4,870$1,815$6,685
Town CenterStudio Single$7,035$700$7,735
*Larger dining plans are available

Note: Meals will be provided on a grab-and-go basis. Menus will be available online in Fall 2020.

Housing Application Information

  • HRE anticipates the ability to accommodate all students who want or need to live on campus. However, in the event that demand exceeds capacity, we may need to prioritize who receives assignments as noted below.
  • Updates on status of likely Village assignment will be provided by July 10.
  • Students who wish to apply their $50 non-refundable housing application fee to Spring 2020 may do so in the housing application portal through myCI.
  • HRE will notify all housing applicants prior to the end of June requesting that newly added questions about priority and roommate/neighbor preferences. Please update this information as soon as possible once it is requested.
  • In the possible event that the number of students needing on campus housing exceeds our allowed capacity, we will prioritize housing availability on the following criteria.
  1. Foster Youth registered through the CSUCI PATH Program.
  2. Homeless students registered through the CSUCI Path Program.
  3. Students with demonstrated Housing Insecurity as assessed by PATH or by the Basic Needs Coordinator or Dean of Students’ Office.
  4. Students who are enrolled in courses that will be provided in-person at CSUCI.
  5. Students living on campus for Summer 2020
  6. HRE student employees.
  7. Students who met the priority application deadline of May 22 for returning students, June 15 for Transfer students, and June 30 for First-year students. If there are more students who met the deadline than the space available, a lottery will be drawn from among those who applied on time to determine who will receive room assignments.
Note: If needed, a waiting list will be maintained and spaces on campus will be offered to students on the waiting list if our on-campus capacity changes, and/or if students initially granted an assignment cancel their license agreement.

Housing License Cancellation

  • The last day to cancel without penalty is June 30, 2020.
  • Cancellation between July 1 – 4 will be approved for any reason and incur a $100 cancellation penalty.
  • Cancellation between July 5 – July 22 will be approved for any reason and incur a $200 penalty.
  • Cancellations after July 22 may be approved or denied by CSUCI based on the terms of the license agreement. Approved cancellations will also incur daily rental fees for each day beyond July 22nd that the cancellation request is received. If a cancellation request is denied, the student will be obligated to pay license fees for Fall 2020.

To avoid large cancellation or license fees, anyone who does not wish to live on campus is advised to cancel their license on or before July 22.

COVID-19 Requirements

Due to safety requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, the experience of living on campus will be very different than usual. CSUCI and HRE, however, desire to create as positive, educational, and enriching experience as we can support students in their academic pursuits. To align our community standards to support a healthy living environment and physical distancing protocols, HRE guidelines and requirements will likely include:

  • Students will likely be required to wear face coverings in all public indoor areas and to remain physically distant from each other.
  • Common spaces and lounges may be closed or only available for use by limited number of students at a time through a reservation/check-out system
  • Outside guests may be limited or not be permitted
  • Recommendations for personal health monitoring will be provided to encourage students to routinely assess their health, such as taking one's temperature daily.
  • Guidelines will be provided to students who share an apartment to support safe kitchen and common space use, cleaning, and sanitizing.
  • Ventura County Public Health will administer a COVID-19 screening prior to arrival and testing upon arrival for check-in.
  • HRE will have staggered check-in dates or times to reduce traffic in rooms and hallways; those checking in early for this reason will not be charged. Strict dates and times for check in will be established to allow for health screening and testing, particularly for Anacapa Village and for two-bedroom apartments in Town Center.
  • As directed by Ventura County Public Health, students who are notified that they have been exposed to COVID-19 may be required to quarantine in their rooms; students who test positive for COVID-19 may be required to isolate in another room provided by the University.
  • Changes to the HRE License Agreement and our Resident Handbook will be made in the coming weeks to incorporate expected changes.
  • CSUCI HRE COVID-19 Related Information, Requirements and Limitations for Students Living On Campus (PDF277 KB)


For our Supporters, please reference our Summer 2020 Island View Orientation Supporter Session (PDF, 6.9 MB). Para nuestros partidarios, consulte nuestro Navigate CSUCI: Alojamiento en la Universidad - Supporter Session File (PDF, 10.1 MB).

Campus Updates

To stay abreast of campus updates, please visit the CSUCI Coronavirus website that includes updates, resources and FAQs.

Spring 2020 Update Messages

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