About Absence Management Self-Service (AMSS)

Absence Management is a CSU system-wide project that will eventually replace the existing paper process for reporting absences with an electronic process via CMS PeopleSoft (CI Records). While this implementation allows us to comply with a Chancellor’s Office mandate, it will also improve operational efficiencies and enhance the services that the Payroll Department provides. Employees can now access their vacation, sick, personal holiday, and CTO leave balances online.

 Accessing AMSS

  1. Sign in to myCI https://myci.csuci.edu/
  2. Click on “CI Records” under the My Links section:
    myCI landing page
  3. Use one of the Business Process Guides available below for specific navigation once you are in the system. You can find “Self Service” or “Manager Self Service” in the main menu:

 amss menu

Employee Self-Service

At the beginning of each month, employees are required to enter their absences into AMSS. Absences will be reviewed by a department Timekeeper, and approved by the employee's manager electronically.


The main function of a Timekeeper is to review employee-entered absences and make corrections if necessary. Timekeepers have the ability to enter absences on behalf of an employee in his/her department. Absences entered by Timekeepers are automatically updated to a status of “Reviewed” and await Manager approval in the system.


Managers approve absences which have been entered by employees and reviewed by Timekeepers. Approvers may also enter an absence on an employee’s behalf in the event that the employee or Timekeeper is unable to do so. Absences entered by Approvers are automatically updated to a status of “Approved”. Alternate or Proxy Approver roles can be assigned to an appropriate manager at the request of the Department Head.

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