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The State Employee Fee Waiver Program allows eligible staff members to attend most classes at California State University campuses at a greatly reduced rate or with fees waived. Provisions of the Employee Fee Waiver Program are governed by collective bargaining agreements or for Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees, Executive Order 491. These provisions may change as a result of collective bargaining negotiations. Such changes could affect program participation.

Program Details

  • Am I Eligible?

  • Click to review the eligibility requirements of the Employee Fee Waiver Program.

  • Application Forms

  • Get the forms you need to apply for a fee waiver, for yourself or a dependent.

  • Important Notices

  • More details about the Employee Fee Waiver Program, including your responsbilities as a fee waiver participant.

  • Fee Waiver Program Tracks

  • Learn more about the two program tracks for the Employee Fee Waiver Program: Career Development & Work-Related.

  • Types of Fees Waived

  • Learn more about which fees are waived and which are not.

  • Fee Deadlines
  • Review this page for the current fee deadlines for CI.  Your fee waiver application should be submitted to HR prior to the fee deadline in order to avoid paying in full and awaiting a reimbursement.  If you or your dependent are attending another CSU campus, please check with that campus for their deadlines.


Please contact the following individuals on campus in the event of questions: