Who is Eligible?

The following employees are eligible for participation in the Employee Fee Waiver Program:


  • Permanent (part-time or full-time)
  • Probationary (full-time only)
  • Temporary (full-time appointment for the duration of the semester that they are requesting participation)
  • Management Personnel Plan (full-time only)


  • Tenured/tenure track
  • Temporary lecturers with three (3) year appointments pursuant to Article 12 of the CBA. (Coaches must have equivalent of six (6) years full-time service in the department.
  • FERP participant appointed to teach during the semester that they are requesting participation

Under several bargaining units, the Employee Fee Waiver Program may be transferred to dependents. The Employee Fee Waiver Transfer Request Form is available on the Fee Waiver Forms page and on the Human Resources Forms web page. Check with Human Resources Programs for current guidelines.

Qualified Dependent Children:

Employee Category

Dependent Age for Child

Units 2,5,7,9 (CSUEU)

Unit 3 (Faculty)

Unit 4 (APC)

Unit 6 (Skilled Trades)

Up to Age 25

C99 (Confidential)

M80 (MPP)

M98 (Executives)

Up to Age 25

Unit 8 (Public Safety)

Up to Age 23

A maximum of two courses, or 6 units, whichever is greater may be taken each semester under the Fee Waiver Program. Classes through the Extension Services, Open University, most Summer Sessions, Winter Session and University College are not covered under the Fee Waiver Program. Courses shall be taken for credit.

Employees may enroll in more units/courses by paying the additional fees. These courses will not be considered part of the Employee Fee Waiver Program.

Employees requesting to take classes during working hours should verify that the workload permits an orderly functioning of the unit and must have a current work schedule adjustment signed and verified by their supervisor. Only one course may be taken during work time.

Employee will develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) (PDF, 145KB) with their supervisor prior to the first semester applied for admission, and when the academic goals change. A development plan will also be used when taking work related courses. The original is kept by the supervisor and a copy of this plan should be kept in their individual Fee Waiver record maintained by the Fee Waiver Program Coordinator.

Collective Bargaining Agreement Provisions

Refer to the following provisions in the relevant collective bargaining agreement for more details on the fee waiver program and employee eligibility:

Further questions regarding your eligibility or your dependents eligibility can be addressed to:  Janet Korsmo  or feewaiver@csuci.edu   or by phone at 805/437-3163