To maintain legal compliance and provide a safe, respectful workplace, employees are required to complete the following trainings: 

Note: These trainings will be assigned to you. You will receive a message through email or you can use the MyCI Skillport link, sign-in and open to “View My Plan” assigned learning.

Course TitleRequired AttendeesFrequencyCourse Description
EDU Supervisor: Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation (CA-13-H)All Managers and LeadsWithin six (6) months of hire or assumption of supervisory responsibilities and then every two years thereafterAs required under California Assembly Bill 1825, supervisors must identify, discourage, eliminate, and remedy any illegal discrimination, harassment, or retaliation that they know of or simply suspect. Carrying out this responsibility requires a thorough understanding of anti-discrimination laws and harassment itself so that supervisors can address problems effectively. Knowing the development and purpose of these laws provides a solid foundation for understanding them. For more background, see CSU Executive Orders 1096 and 1097
CSU: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Non-SupervisorsAll Non-Supervisory EmployeesWithin six (6) months of hire and annually thereafterThis course is designed to raise awareness about workplace harassment and discrimination, and to reduce or prevent incidents of misconduct. Using engaging exercises and real-world examples, the course fosters a clear understanding of anti-discrimination laws. It trains employees on inappropriate conduct so that they can apply what they learn to everyday situations. Required under CSU Executive Orders 1096 and 1097
Eliminate Campus Sexual Misconduct All EmployeesWithin six (6) months of hire and annually thereafterThis is a CSU customized on-line program that provides practical training for identifying, reporting, and preventing campus sexual misconduct, as well as assisting victims of sexual assault in accordance with Title IX. Interactive case studies and videos provide engaging educational content that explains how to respond to known or suspected sexual violence, which includes sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Required under CSU Executive Order 1095
Injury Illness and Prevention ProgramAll Employees Upon hireFederal and California Regulations require new employees attend Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) training. A 25 minute on-line course will introduce employees to the eight elements of California State University (CSU) IIPP. The CSU Channel Islands IIPP establishes a proactive safety program to inform the employee of safety precautions necessary to prevent or minimize hazards, injuries and illnesses.
Data Security and PrivacyAll Employees AnnualThis course raises awareness to the importance of keeping private data secure. The course also provides steps that employees can take to help maintain the security and confidentiality of private information.
FERPA & Protecting EducationAll EmployeesAnnual The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act guarantees both the confidentiality of students’ education records and students’ right of access to their own records. In recent years, universities are finding that virtually every school employee has access to protected information, including instructors, administrative staff, and others. Each of these individuals needs to understand what FERPA requires and what it forbids.
Environment Health & Safety TrainingDepends on positionAnnual Laws and regulations mandate many types of training regarding occupational safety, hazardous materials use, and pollution prevention. Your supervisor or the office of Environment Health & Safety (EHS) can tell you what types of training are required for your position.