Inclusiveness is a principle that welcomes, acknowledges and celebrates CSU Channel Islands' diversity – what makes us different and unique.  Inclusiveness creates an environment that encourages and fosters open communication, innovative thought and ideas, decision-making and equality.

The below We Will statements indicate our commitment to inclusiveness as an on-going and active process.*

  • We will embrace and celebrate our individual and collective talents, understanding that they are best utilized when collaboratively engaged.
  • We will respect and value the different perspectives of others, realizing that our differences contribute to the value and excellence of our University.
  • We will collaborate and foster participation in a welcoming environment, removing barriers and actively engaging all people, at all levels, in all functions.
  • We will increase awareness of our comments, actions and impacts, with a willingness to make changes for the common good.
  • We will value and promote an inclusive environment by continually assessing and improving our organizational policies and practices.
  • We will foster a sense of community through commitment and accountability by demonstrating respectful behavior.
  • We will commit to expanding our world view on a continuing basis.

*Adapted from Advancing Inclusiveness and Multiculturalism at UC Berkeley, November 2008.