Academic Year 2013-2014 Advisory Board

Leah Alarcon
Associate Director of Student Success Programs & ISLAS Summer Bridge Lead

Julia Balén
Associate Professor of English & ISLAS Faculty Lead 

Geoff Buhl
Assistant Professor of Math & ISLAS Faculty Lead

Marie Francois
Activity Director for the University Experience Program & Professor of History

Phil Hampton
Director of Project ACCESO & Professor of Chemistry

Jill Leafstedt
Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation & Associate Professor of Education

Jennifer Miller
Director of Student Affairs Assessment, Research, and Staff Development

Kirsten Moss-Frye (Co-Chair)
Associate Director of Access, Orientation and Transition Programs & Student Affairs Director, Center for Multicultural Engagement

Pilar Pacheco (Co-Chair)
Associate Director, Center for Community Engagement   

Monica Rivas
Academic Advisor, Special Populations Coordinator  

Chanda Cunningham-Spence
Manager of Instructional Support & Academic Resources

Kaia Tollefson
Director of Project VISTA & Associate Professor of Education

Amanda Quintero
Director of Project ISLAS & Research and Sponsored Programs

Gregory Wood
Faculty Development Advisory Committee Chair & Associate Professor of Physics