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News Update

2018-03-27: at 6PM today the campus experienced an issue with Dropbox@CI accounts becoming suspended and then unsuspended. This may require users to reconnect their Dropbox desktop app with their Dropbox@CI account. 

How to reconnect your Dropbox@CI account 

About Dropbox@CI

The Division of Technology & Innovation (ITS) is excited to announce that CI has chosen Dropbox@CI (powered by Dropbox Business) to be our new file storage system. Dropbox@CI will enhance the security of our file storage; improve our internal and external collaboration; help to simplify the way we access files while working remotely or traveling; and replace our existing personal H drive (Homeshare) infrastructure.

Benefits of Dropbox@CI

Many of you may already be using Dropbox personally or at home, and some may be using it for work. 

With Dropbox@CI, all faculty and staff will now have:    

  • nearly unlimited online storage space
  • remote access to your work files without VPN
  • easy file sharing and collaboration tools
  • the ability to recover deleted files and previous versions

Implementation Timeline

During spring 2017, ITS successfully piloted Dropbox@CI with several campus units (Library, Extended University, Human Resources, and University Advancement), and began migrating all remaining faculty & staff accounts starting in the 2nd week of April 2017. We have made a significant progress throughout summer 2017. 

ITS has extended the deadline to complete the H drive migration to Dropbox@CI to October 2, 2017. Please note that Network shared drives (G drive, Z drive, etc.) will not be affected during this migration phase. 

Dropbox@CI Usage Guidelines and Information Security

Certain kinds of data should not be stored in Dropbox@CI. Users of this new service must comply with ITS business practices, CSU policy, and state and federal laws regarding proper storage, usage and disposal of confidential and sensitive data.  Please review BP.03.011 - Business Practice for Public Cloud Storage and Enterprise File Sync and Share and the CSU policy on Information Asset Management for more details about appropriate data storage practices for Dropbox@CI. 

Dropbox@CI - Self Help and other resources

Couldn’t find what you were looking for or have an issue you need help with?  You’re in luck: we’ve created content just for you based on common issues faced by Dropbox users.

Go to Dropbox@CI-Educate and Self Help

Dropbox business users official guide from Dropbox

Dropbox business users official support page

Dropbox@CI Training

Self-paced training is available here: 

Dropbox video-based training for CI users (1hr8min)

"Learning Dropbox" free video-based training through Lynda.com (1hr1min) 

For in-person training for small groups, please contact project manager Asha Ramachandra at asha.ramachandra@csuci.edu.

Latest Dropbox@CI News

For latest Dropbox@CI news, please visit the ITS News blog


Please contact project manager Asha Ramachandra at asha.ramachandra@csuci.edu with any questions or concerns about this migration project or about this new service.