Help with My Links Module

What does this myCI module do?

The My Links module provides a list of links to key ITS tools and services that are used frequently.

The links that are displayed in this module depend on your role(s) at the university, and will vary for students, faculty, staff and others. 

What is Dolphin Email?

Dolphin Email is the student email system at CI. Please visit the Email Help page for more about your Dolphin Password.

What is Webmail?

Webmail provides access to the employee email system at CI.

What is CI Records?

CI Records is the Student Information System (SIS) and Administrative Information System (AIS) for CI. Students can use CI Records to register for classes, pay their tuition, as well as change their personal information (such as mailing address, electronic address, and phone number). Certified web browsers for CI Records may be found here.

What is CI Learn?

CI Learn is the name of CI's online learning management system. Instructors can use CI Learn to post electronic course materials for students in their courses. Please visit the CI Learn Page for more about CI Learn.

What is CI Docs? 

CI Docs is CI's version of Google Drive for CI, also known as Dolphin Pod. You can use it to edit and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.  Learn more about CI Docs

What is Dolphin Files?

Dolphin Files enables students and employees to store and access documents located on personal network drive via a web-based interface from both on and off campus.

What is DOCK Online? 

DOCK Online lets you add funds to your Dolphin One Card account and view balances online. Learn more about DOCK Online

What is provides online training videos on a variety of topics, free of charge to CI students and employees. Learn more about technology training services

What is CI Sync? 

CI Sync is a an online community for information about student clubs and organizations. You can use it to browse and join student clubs and organizations, view announcements and view a calendar of student organization events. 

What is CSYou? 

CSYou is the information portal for CSU employees to view benefit and other employment-related information. 

What is CI Wireless Settings?

CI Wireless Settings is used by students to register specific wireless devices (such Xbox, Playstation and other gaming consoles). Learn more about registering a game console.

What is CI Parking Permits?

Students can use CI Parking Permits to purchase parking permits online. 

Library Resources and Services

MyCI provides single sign-on access to library resources and services such as InterLibrary Loan and subscription databases.

What is CI Financials (CFS)?

CI Financials is the Consolidated Finance System (CFS), used system-wide by California State University as the Financial Information System (FIS) for CI. Certified web browsers for CI Financials may be found here.

What is ITS Projects? 

ITS Projects helps CI employees and campus organizations make requests for IT project work using CI's TeamDynamix project management information system. Get help with ITS Projects

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