Help with myCI T & C Work Orders Module

What does this myCI module do?

The ITS Work Orders module provides a listing of your most recent 30 days worth of work orders, as well as any work orders that are currently open where you are the requestor.

How do I use this module?

At the top of this module, you will find two tabs (Recent and Open). The Recent tab will show you all work orders from the last 30 days that you have opened with ITS, including any closed work orders. The Open tab will show you any work orders that remain open (not yet resolved).

To access information about any of your displayed work orders, simply click on any link in the work order list. Clicking this link will open a new page that includes all of the information that has been put into your work order. When you are finished reviewing your work order, press the red "X” button at the top right of the work order to return to the myCI page.

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