Download a desktop quick scanning guide (in PDF format) 
(to view, download Adobe Acrobat).

Starting an Identity Finder (IDF) search

 For Apple Mac users:

  • Open the Identity Finder (IDF) application using Finder:
    • Go > Applications > Identity Finder.app.
    • Enter a password so you can save and review your results file at the end of the search/scan.
  • Start a Search:
    • Select the Search button to initiate a search/scan using the default search identities.

                   Search Start Mac

For MS Windows users:

  • Open the Identity Finder (IDF) application from the Start menu and follow the instructions to start a scan:
    • Start > All Programs > Identity Finder > Identity Finder
  • Start a Search:
    • To begin a search/scan click the Start
      button on the Main ribbon (tab) and then click “Start

Start Search

Managing Identity Finder (IDF) search results

  • View Search Results:
    • View provides all of the relevant information about your search results including the location, type, value of the search results, a preview of the search results in context, and other details.

View Results

  •  Shred, Scrub, Quarantine or Ignore your IDF Results (Removing/Ignoring  PII):
    • Shred files when they contain personal information that you no longer require.

    • Scrub files when you have a sensitive identity match and want to keep the file but remove the sensitive data.  Scrub is also known as Redact.

    • Quarantine will move your file to a new secure location and then Shred the original so it cannot be
      recovered from the original location.

    • Ignore prevents information from being displayed in the future. For example, IDF may discover a sample credit card number inside a temporary internet file or show false positives. If marked, IDF will ignore those matches for current and future searched.  


                                    Additional information on IDF Actions.

  •  Save your Results:
    • Save your IDF search results in a password protected file so you may retrieve and continue to work with your results at any time.