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STOP.THINK.CONNECT. Tips - Learn how to protect yourself online.

STOP.THINK.CONNECT. Tips for On the Go - Learn how to protect yourself online.  Brought to you by Microsoft and the STOP.THINK.CONNECT. Messaging Convention.

STOP.THINK.CONNECT. Tips for at Home - Learn how to protect yourself online while at home.

STOP.THINK.CONNECT. Tips for Gaming - Learn how to protect yourself online while playing video and online games.

Don't be a Billy! - Here's what not to do online.

Cybercriminals - Cybercrime: It's not a laughing matter (except at the funny parts).

Protect Your Computer from Malware!


HEISC Training Videos Winners

2013 - Gold Prize - "Warning: Laptop Thieves" by Mario Fabbri, Oakton Community College

2013 - Silver Prize - "Phishing: E-Safe" by Trenton Elliott, Eastern Michigan University

2013 - Bronze Prize - "IT Security Guards" by Anurakhavan Ketheeswaran, Seneca College

2013 - Honorable Mention - "Security Spy" by Ricardo Chaidez & team, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

2013 - Honorable Mention - "Identity Theft" by Wei Wang and Eric Huynh, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

2013 - Honorable Mention - "How to Create a Secure Password" by Griffin Tran, University of Connecticut


HEISC Public Service Announcement Winners

2013 - Gold Prize - "Passwords" by Sam Ennis, Iowa State University

2013 - Silver Prize - "Share It Right" by Jonathan Kleinpass and Gabe Pannell, San Francisco State University

2013 - Bronze Prize - "Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks" by Priit Joasoo and Catherine Karu, Tartu Art College

2013 - Honorable Mention - "Attention College Students!" by Tom Rogers, University of Maryland University College

2013 - Honorable Mention - "I'm Mike" by Doug Yablun, University of Florida

2013 - Honorable Mention - "Log Out for Computer Safety" by Tyson Wischerath and Tomas Wischerath, California College of the Arts

2013 - Honorable Mention - "The Importance of Passwords on Mobile Devices" by Matt Rafferty, University of Northern Iowa



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