SkillPort Online Learning


These steps will help you avoid time spent in frustration.

SkillPort System Requirements

To access SkillPort, your system must have the following:

  1. Pop-up blockers turned off
    • This is a CRITICAL STEP.The training will not work unless you do this.
    • If needed, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 805-437-8552 for assistance.
  2. A supported web browser
    • SkillPort supports several browsers.

      • On a PC running Windows 7 you should use Firefox v38 or higher, Chrome v40 or higher, or Internet Explorer 8.0 or above with all Windows Updates.
      • On an Apple running Mac OS X you should use Safari 8 or higher.
      • Please check the vendor website for the latest support information.(As of 1/24/2017, the CSU is running SkillPort version 8.0)
    • Note:SkillPort is best utilized from a desktop or laptop computer.

How to Access Courses

  1. >> Click here to go to SkillPort <<
  2. Login using your myCI Dolphin username and password
  3. Click on the My Plan tab to view compliance training courses. A new page will display.
    • (Click on the Catalog tab to view optional training.)
  4. Hover over the course name and select "Launch" to the right of the course name.
  5. The course will open in a separate window.
    • If the training does not open, try a different browser and double-check that pop-ups are turned off.The URL is
    • If you do not see a <Next> button, expand the training window until you can see the <Back> and <Next> buttons in the lower right corner of the training screen.

>>> Important Note: Please be sure to and click on the EXIT button at the completion of your course.This will ensure that the completion is successfully logged in the Skillport system.


Email notices and reminders will come from "" and are legitimate.However, questions regarding the training should be forwarded as follows:

Data and Privacy Training/FERPA Training - Information Security Office

All other training - Human Resources

Trouble with SkillPort?

If you are having trouble with SkillPort please contact the Information Security Office at

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