1. Click the "Insert predefined snippet content" icon on the toolbar
    Insert predefined snippet content icon
  2. From the "Category" drop-down menu, select "Tables"
  3. From the "Snippet" drop-down, select which type of table you want to create. Either "Table with Row Headers" or "Table with Column Headers"
  4. You will see a visual preview of what your table and headings will look like in the "Preview" field
  5. When you're done, click "Insert"
  6. Customize the table to have the number of columns and rows that you need by sing the delete row, delete column, insert row, and insert column tools on the toolbar
    Screenshot of table tools
  7. Proceed to enter your content into the table cells
  8. When you're done entering content, click a cell in your table and then click the "Insert/modify table" tool
    Insert table icon
  9. In the general tab, you can optionally edit options such as cellpadding, border, width and height by entering numeric values in the text fields
  10. Click the "Advanced" tab
  11. In the "Summary" field, enter a summary of the information contained in the table. This is required for web accessibility purposes.
  12. Click "Update"