In order for us to keep track of student use of the LRC, please follow the following login/logout procedures:

When you arrive:

  • Sign into the computer at the front of the center using your campus student ID number or your last name.
    • Indicate the subject for which you would like tutoring
    • Select appointment type. If you are not sure, please select "walk-in"
      • Walk-in
      • Computer use
      • Language tutoring
      • Office Hours
      • Santa Cruz Lounge
      • SSS Student
      • Study Room Usage
  • If all of the tutors are busy, please feel free to sit in the LRC and begin working independently until a tutor is available. Please politely let the tutors know what you need help with when one of them has a moment.
  • When you need help, display the appropriate flag for the subject that you need help with.

When you leave:

    • Return all supplies (laptops, calculators, whiteboard markers, etc.)
    • Sign out on the computer at the front desk (where you signed in) with your ID number  
      • Select the appropriate amount of time you spent working with a tutor 
    • Fill out an evaluation for your tutor 
      • Hard copies available upon request