LRC tutors will….

  • Maintain a positive attitude and encourage student learning throughout a tutoring session.
  • Help students with homework and conceptual knowledge to the best of their ability.
  • Help students develop better mathematical skills.
  • Encourage students to work independently after a tutoring session.
  • Check on students periodically while they are working independently.
  • Ensure that the tutoring session is interactive through asking questions and encouraging student demonstration of knowledge.
  • Tailor a tutoring session to fit the student’s needs.
  • Respect differences in learning styles, backgrounds in mathematics, and cultural experience.
  • Encourage student independence and group study.
  • Use other resources if he or she does not know how to solve a problem.


LRC tutors will not/cannot…

  • Do a student’s homework for them.
  • Help with a take-home test, quiz, project, or test corrections without explicit permission from the professor conveyed directly to LRC staff.
  • Spend excessive amounts of time with a single student or group of students.
  • Encourage dependency on tutoring.
  • Tutor a student on several weeks’ worth of material one or two hours before the test.
  • Tell a student what is on a test.
  • Discuss a professor or other students in an unprofessional or negative manner.
  • Answer every question a student might have immediately.