2016-2017 Applications:


    • 16.01 Bioanthropology Classroom Teaching Materials Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.02 Classroom Furniture Replacement Progress Report Final Summary Report
    •  16.03 Chemistry Laboratory Instrumentation Refresh Progress Report Final Summary Report

    • 16.04 ESRM - Undergraduate Technology & Writing Student Assistant Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.05 Learning Resource Center Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.06 Social Media Assistant/Intern - Admissions & Recruitment Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.07 Social Media Assistant/Intern - Financial Aid & Scholarships Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.08 Social Media Assistant/Intern - Biology Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.09 Writing and Multiliteracy Center Progress Report Final Summary Report

    • 16.10 FS Classroom Refresh & Aliso Autoclave Steam Generator  Further Submission Details Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.11 Broome Library - Enhancements & Upgrades  16.11 Details Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.12 Hydration Stations Maintenance Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.13 SRIRS - Visitor Capacity Expansion Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.14 Outdoor Furniture Progress Report Final Summary Report

    • 16.15 Broome - Student Photographic Equipment Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.16 Information Technology Services 01 - Student Computers  Further Submission Details Progress Report Final Summary Report
    • 16.17 Information Technology Services 02 - Computer Labs  Further Submission Details  
    • 16.18 Information Technology Services 03 - Classroom Laptop Carts  Further Submission Details 
    • 16.19 Information Technology Services 04 - Classroom AV Improvements  Further Submission Details 
    • 16.20 Information Technology Services 05 - Classroom Instructor Stations  Further Submission Details 
    • 16.21 Information Technology Services 06 - Miscellaneous  Further Submission Details 


2016-2017 Allocation Reminder:

 *** Please note that funds provided by the MSFT committee may only be used for the purposes described in your proposal.  Any expenditures in excess of the funds allocated through the MSFT committee become the responsibility of the program or department.  Substantial changes in the use of MSFT funds require the prior approval of the committee.  Any expenditures in excess of the amount allocated are the responsibility of your unit.  Unused fund balances will be returned to the MSFT account at the end of the fiscal year.


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