Aug. 12, 2020 

Dear Students:

As we prepare for the start of the fall semester, CSUCI is fully committed to delivering our mission while protecting the health and safety of our students and minimizing the potential spread of disease within our campus community. Due to these unprecedented times, students will need to adhere to all public health rules and regulations, as well as the Student Conduct Code addressing the pandemic. This email serves as official notification of the expectations and requirements for all students attending in-person classes, living in the residence halls, or visiting the campus.

CSUCI is following guidelines and public orders from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Ventura County Public Health (VCPH), which includes the recent additional guidelines issued by CDPH for Institutions of Higher Education. These guidelines will be followed for the COVID-19 pandemic as it pertains to all CSUCI students, employees and visitors on the campus. Due to the fluid nature of changes in health and safety requirements, these requirements may change as new or additional guidance are issued by CDPH or VCPH.

Students are expected to refer to the information which can also be found on the University’s Fall 2020 Semester website. Additional information for students taking in-person classes is also available by visiting: Information for In-Person Courses.

In addition, any reasonable request made by a University official must be adhered to including following directions regarding isolation and quarantine if there is an exposure. Students who do not comply with these guidelines or requests will be referred to the Dean of Students office for a Student Conduct Code violation, including the ability to remain enrolled for in-person classes or residing on campus, if applicable.

Below are requirements for all students who may be coming to the campus for any reason, including those enrolled for in-person classes, and living on or visiting the campus:

  • Students attending in-person classes or living on campus will be required to complete an online CSU Learn COVID-19 Prevention Course (additional details will be provided soon in a separate communication);
  • Proper use of face coverings (over the mouth and nose) in all classes, service areas, and public places on campus (students will be responsible for providing their own face coverings);
  • Use of good personal hygiene practices, e.g., handwashing, cough/sneeze etiquette;
  • Adhere to campus signage and building occupancies including common areas to ensure physical distancing;
  • Isolation and quarantine when warranted;
  • Compliance with all rules regarding limits on gatherings, especially indoors; and
  • Not attending classes or visiting the campus if experiencing any signs of illness.

Additional safety measures may also be enforced for students living in the residence halls, as well as certain in-person classes. Students should discuss specifics with their faculty or appropriate administrator in Housing & Residential Education.

If students have a medical condition, mental health condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering, and persons who are hearing impaired, or communicate with a person who is hearing impaired where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication, should contact accommodations@csuci.eduor visit Disability Accommodations and Support Services.

Should you have any questions regarding this communication or the health and safety requirements, please contact the Dean of Students office at or 805-437-8512.

We appreciate your commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy campus environment and wish you a successful fall semester.

Richard Yao, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs

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