Sept. 12, 2020

Dear Campus Community:

As indicated in the recent message from Chancellor White, all 23 universities in the CSU will continue with virtual instruction with limited exceptions for the spring academic term that begins in January 2021. This decision was made in consideration of a multitude of academic, health, and safety factors and after extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. I encourage you to read the Chancellor’s message that explains the rationale for continuing this approach for the spring semester.

As a result of this decision, we will reconstitute our campus Planning Task Force and begin to prepare for a primarily virtual spring term with limited in-person instruction that maintains the health and safety of our campus community and continues to offer an exceptional educational experience for our students. We will also continue to provide campus updates as our collective work advances on our website.

While I know that we all miss the vibrant energy and connectedness of our physical campus community, the health and safety of our academic community remains our top priority.  This pandemic has had a devastating impact on communities across the globe and I offer my sincerest condolences to everyone who has been directly impacted by this ongoing health crisis. 

To our students, especially our freshmen and seniors, I know this is not how you imagined your educational journey and I regret your frustration and disappointment. Please know that our faculty, staff and I continue to be inspired by your resiliency and dedication as you continue to rise to the occasion and advance your studies in the midst of extraordinary challenges. Our entire campus community is here to support you and we are committed to responding to your inquiries in a timely fashion. Please continue to reach out to your faculty and staff as we progress through this challenging time together.

To our faculty and staff, your dedication to completely reimagining our academic community in a virtual environment is nothing short of remarkable.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment to advancing knowledge in service of the common good and most especially, for your continued commitment to placing our students at the center of the educational experience.

We will get through this together.  Please continue to take care of yourselves and each other.

Erika D. Beck, Ph.D.

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