July 8, 2021 

Dear CSUCI Students:

We are excited to welcome students to campus in August! This letter contains a summary of important information to support our safe environment as we return to in-person classes and activities this Fall. The details in this message are intentionally brief, but links are provided throughout with more information available on our student vaccine information webpage.

In April 2021, the CSU announced that a COVID-19 Vaccination will be required for students coming to the campus for classes or activities, if and when the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) grants full approval of at least one vaccine. Although it is not yet required, we are opening the COVID-19 Vaccination Certification portal so students can begin reporting their vaccination status. Certification of COVID-19 vaccination status is voluntary at this time, but strongly encouraged. The process is fast and easy to complete in myCIstep-by-step instructions are also available.

Reporting Vaccination or Declaring Exemption Eligibility
The COVID-19 certification process involves a self-attestation, or an honest, accurate declaration of your vaccine status. Listed below are the four vaccine statuses. Definitions of these statuses can be found by clicking on the links below:

  1. Fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (student provides the vaccine name and vaccination date(s))
  2. Medical exemption
  3. Religious exemption
  4. I do not plan to physically access CSUCI facilities, and I have not received a COVID-19 vaccine (student is taking all classes online and is unvaccinated)

At this time, no verifying documents must be provided, such as a vaccination card or a doctor’s note. However, by attesting to vaccine status, students are declaring that they have these required documents readily available and will be able to provide them promptly upon request.

Although COVID-19 vaccination certification is not yet required, pending official notice from the CSU upon FDA approval, fully vaccinated students who certify their status will not be subject to the safety requirements of mask-wearing and frequent COVID-19 testing. Also, students who know that they qualify for a medical or religious exemption may find it helpful to complete the certification before the Fall semester gets underway, in anticipation of the CSU requirement going into effect.

Mask Wearing Optional for Fully Vaccinated Students
At this time and based on present public health guidance, students who certify that they have been fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask while on campus or at an affiliated site (Channel Islands Boating Center, Santa Rosa Island Research Station, or Goleta instructional site). Fully vaccinated students can certainly choose to continue wear masks if they wish. Furthermore, students who certify that they are vaccinated will not be required to complete routine COVID-19 testing; the plan at present is to require weekly testing for those who are unvaccinated. To ensure that you avoid a regular COVID-19 testing requirement at the start of the semester, you are encouraged to submit your certification as soon as possible; vaccine certifications submitted after Aug. 1, 2021 may result in required testing until the University is able to update vaccine status records. Please note that fully vaccinated students who do not certify their vaccination status in myCI must adhere to the requirements for unvaccinated students as outlined below.

Requirements for Unvaccinated Students:
Although COVID-19 vaccination is not yet required, there are presently two key requirements for unvaccinated students while on campus:

  • Face masks are required at all times while indoors (classrooms, campus buildings, the library, etc.) except when eating or drinking. When outdoors, face masks are optional but encouraged.
  • Frequent COVID-19 testing will be required - potentially weekly

Note that allunvaccinated students must comply with these safety requirements, even those who are eligible for the medical or religious exemption to the vaccine. Further, unvaccinated students are advised to maintain 6 ft. physical distancing when possible.

CSUCI continues to strongly encourage all students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and will continue to offer vaccination clinics this Fall. We want to emphasize that fully vaccinated persons may choose to wear a mask for a variety of reasons. We support this decision as part of our commitment to inclusivity in our community and ask all members of our community to respect the privacy of those who wear face masks, regardless of the reason.

As noted above, more detailed information is available on our Fall 2021 Semester webpage. Thank you for your patience and your cooperation to facilitate a safe environment at CSUCI for all who work, study, and live on-campus. If you have any questions not addressed here, please email deanofstudents@csuci.edu so your questions can be directed to the appropriate area for a response.

Cindy Derrico, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

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