Aug. 17, 2021 

Dear Colleagues:

As we prepare for the start of the Fall semester, please know that the campus is prepared to respond quickly to any positive COVID-19 cases that may occur on our campus during the semester. We have honed contact tracing protocols developed and implemented since March 2020, modifying them where needed to account for increased campus density for this Fall semester.

As outlined in the Operational Briefing for COVID-19 Contact Tracing and based on information provided to the campus via the COVID-19 Case or Possible Exposure reporting tool, we will immediately follow steps to quickly and directly notify individuals known to be at risk of possible exposure, as well as ensuring the continuation of protocols for campus safety.

It may not be possible to monitor all individuals in each of our shared campus spaces throughout the day; however, we will share the information on the Confirmed Campus Exposures webpage with the date, time and location(s) of the confirmed campus exposures to be updated in real time as they become known.

Additionally, below are the recommended guidelines and definitions (as outlined by the CDC and Ventura County Public Health) that will inform our campus response as referenced above. Please take note of the following definitions to help understand the protocols for contact tracing:

  • A “close-contact exposure” requires 15 minutes in close proximity (within six feet) to a person with COVID-19 over a 24-hour period.
  • If a person tests positive but it has been 48+ hours since that person was on campus, that positive case is annulled, unless there are extenuating circumstances. No action on campus is required in this scenario.
  • The infectious period starts 48 hours before a person tests positive or is symptomatic.
  • If an individual is fully vaccinated and had a close-contact exposure to a positive case, that individual must test 3-5 days after the exposure, wear a mask for 14 days and be mindful of symptoms.
    • Fully vaccinated individuals who do not test positive and are not symptomatic, this individual does not need to quarantine or submit a case report.

As a reminder, please complete a daily symptom check and do not come to the campus if you are not feeling well or are sick. Information about campus vaccine clinics and COVID-19 testing are available for the campus community.

We have also installed MERV 13 filters in buildings and maximized fresh air intake everywhere possible, while still maintaining proper indoor air quality levels. We conducted workspace safety checks and provided modifications as needed throughout the campus. This brief video describes work completed over the summer, as well as other health reminders.

Lastly, we encourage you to continue visiting the Fall 2021 Semester webpage that includes updates for COVID-19 Vaccine Information & Certification, FAQs, Welcome Activities, Campus Services & Resources, Campus Communication, Campus Cases & Reporting COVID-19, and the goCI app.

Joyce Spencer, MPH ESOH, LSO
Director of Environmental Health & Safety

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