Sept. 27, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We are writing with an update regarding our post-September 30th COVID protocols for students. New guidance from the Chancellor’s Office is informing our campus strategy for the remainder of the semester.

As background, we note the University has had very few COVID positive cases on campus (for example, only three cases since Sept. 15). The overall strategy of combining vaccination and required indoor mask wearing with testing and contact tracing has virtually eliminated on-campus transmission. Our intent is to maintain this strong record and continue to prioritize the health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students. Given the University’s rates of vaccination, mask wearing, and contact tracing protocols, CSUCI is one of the safest workplaces in the region—indeed, we may be the safest.

As you may recall, students are mandated to certify a vaccination status by September 30th. With less than a week to go, 734 students have not uploaded their vaccination records or requested an exemption, of whom 58 have reported that they have begun the vaccination process, and 384 are taking only virtual courses. For the remainder, DSA is continuing targeted outreach efforts to bring them into compliance by September 30th.

Due to the negative impact of disenrolling the remaining non-compliant students on October 1, including the significant impact to progress toward degree completion, retention, and financial aid, the University will not disenroll students for failing to certify their vaccination status by Sept. 30. This is in line with updated guidance from the Chancellor’s Office. Instead, we will take the following approach with this group of students: 

  • Students who have not uploaded their vaccination records or requested an exemption will NOT be allowed on campus and will be placed on the NPOC (Not Permitted on Campus) list.
    • Note that students who have begun the process of compliance (i.e., one dose of a two-dose vaccine, etc.) after October 1 will be permitted to be on campus, but must continue to submit for weekly testing until they are fully vaccinated.
  • Student Affairs will continue to contact and inform students who are NPOC and take the lead in updating students, faculty, and staff of this requirement.
  • Faculty and staff are expected to continue to monitor the NPOC status of students who attend in-person classes and to take reasonable steps to prevent these students from attending class and accessing University spaces, including the Library. Students with active NPOC status who are seen on campus should be asked to leave, and should be reported to the Dean of Students office.
  • Students reported to the Dean of Students for being on campus with NPOC status are subject to student conduct investigation and possible disciplinary action.
  • All students who have not uploaded their vaccination record or requested an exemption will have a hold placed on their account preventing registration for Spring 2022.

We do recognize and appreciate the burden of monitoring the NPOC list is placing on faculty and staff even as the number of students in NPOC status is rapidly declining. Each of you play an important role in our campus strategy to maintain a safe workplace while continuing to pursue our core mission of educating students—thank you for doing so.

By taking these steps, the campus community can be confident that every student on campus will either be vaccinated or have requested an exemption (and is thus agreeing to weekly testing). Given that less than 3% of the students have requested an exemption to date, with similar numbers for faculty and staff, we are confident CSUCI is a safe working environment.

As we look forward to the Spring 2022 semester, the University is taking further steps to ensure that all students (and all faculty and staff) are in full compliance. Toward this end, no student will be allowed to register for Spring 2022 courses who is not in compliance with the vaccination policy. This also includes new Spring 2022 admitted students, as well as any students in Extended University who are registering for courses beginning after October 1st.

Thank you for your continued contributions to our University’s mission. This semester has been like no other and challenging in ways we could not have anticipated. At the same time, we have demonstrated our commitment to our shared mission and our resilience as a community.

Be well and thanks again,

Mitch Avila, Ph.D.

Toni DeBoni, J.D.
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

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