Apr. 7, 2021 

Dear Student:

COVID-19 has impacted CSUCI students in a multitude of ways and we recognize that conducive study space and access to reliable Wi-Fi is an essential need for students.

As Ventura County has seen more opening of activity, CSUCI is now offering outdoor on-campus study spaces for students!  Open Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  

Two types of spaces are available:

  • Outdoor seating at tables at the Islands Café patio (additional spaces will be opened, if needed)
  • A2 Parking Lot (between Sage and Yuba Halls) with enhanced Wi-Fi for students who wish to study in their car

Each study space provides a physically distanced area that students may reserve. Sanitizing supplies to make it a clean and comfortable experience for students will also be provided.

Interested in using an on-campus study space? Let us know by completing the Outdoor Study Space Interest Form. There are some requirements that must be met to use on-campus spaces, please see below.

We hope this opportunity will be beneficial as we approach the final stretch of the semester!

Cindy Derrico, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President & Dean of Students

To promote health and safety while on campus, the following is a list of requirements for student participants:

  • Before reserving a study space, students must complete and provide proof of completion of the COVID-19 Return to Campus required training
  • Students using the outdoor study spaces are required to check-in with the Outdoor Study Space Assistant and show their Dolphin ID Card
  • Students may reserve up to two hours of study space each day; additional time can be offered on a space-available basis
  • Masks must be worn over nose and mouth at all times while in study area and while on campus; masks are not required in personal vehicles.
  • One person per table; congregating is prohibited
  • Students are expected to comply with the Student Conduct Code at all times when on campus or at University-affiliated events or activities

Parking & Restrooms:

  • Students who make a reservation are not required to have a parking pass so long as they park in the A2 parking lot
  • If you already have a parking decal and intend to utilize the outdoor seating at the Islands Café patio, we request that you park in another open lot on campus as your specific permit allows
  • Restrooms are available in Malibu Hall, Sierra Hall, and Trinity Hall

For students studying in the A2 Parking Lot:

  • Please park only in unmarked stalls leaving one space between yourself and the car next to you
  • Students must agree to stay in their vehicle for the duration of their time on-campus except for emergencies or to access the restroom

For students studying at the Islands Café patio or other designated outdoor spaces:

  • Students are expected to sanitize table and chair after each use
  • Only one person is permitted per table
  • Tables must not be moved as they are placed according to physical distancing guidelines
  • Students must agree to stay at their table for the duration of their time on-campus except for emergencies or to access the restroom

Questions? Please contact the Dean of Students office at deanofstudents@csuci.edu.

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