David Claveau

If you ever encounter a robot invasion on the CI campus, David Claveau may be to blame. The Assistant Professor of Computer Science teaches a Robotics class that challenges students to assemble a wheeled robot, program it to avoid obstacles, and track moving targets.

“This year we want to take the robots outside and scare people,” he said. “It's fun.”

Along with practical, hands-on, multidisciplinary projects that prepare students for the real world, Claveau brings a sense of curiosity and fun to teaching computer science. He leads students in classroom experiences that integrate engineering and computer science, and he regularly shares stories from his previous work as a software engineer and video-processing expert at the Intel Corporation.

He also enjoys introducing students to a career path that is challenging and rewarding.

“Having a good understanding of computer science is important to everyone, similar to being able to read and write,” Claveau said. “Our program gives students the foundation that will allow them to develop skills and knowledge that are broadly applicable in the modern world.”