Featured below are just a few of the events that Transition Programs provides each year for new freshmen and transfer students to ease their transition into life at CI.

Welcome Celebration [top]

Students at the Welcome Celebration Vendor Faire.

The annual Welcome Celebration is an opportunity for the campus community, incoming students and their families to unite in celebrating the start of the academic year. This event continues to be a highlight each year. Approximately 3,000 attend and enjoy a variety of family activities, food and entertainment.

Got Question Tee shirts

Ask Me Campaign [top]

The Ask Me Campaign provides a concierge-type booth staffed by campus volunteers during the first couple days of the fall semester to respond to informational and directional inquiries of students.

Student Volunteers

Be a Part from the Start [top]

Be a Part from the Start is a 10-week campus-wide student retention program that consists of activities and events designed to help students engage in the University from the moment they arrive at CI. “Be a Part from the Start” provides a unified effort in welcoming students to CI, opportunities for students to connect with CI, opportunities for students to connect with other students, and enhances students’ knowledge of the nine Dimensions of Development through participation in activities and events. 

Be a part from the start poster

What are the Dimensions of Development?

Grounded in Arthur Chickering’s (1993) Theory of Identity Development, CI’s Dimensions of Development serve as a guide for students as they embark upon their post-secondary educational journey. The Dimensions of Development assist students as they engage in self-reflection and continuous improvement over time. Progression, in and through the dimensions, can evolve at multiple rates and times.

Each student will travel their dimensional paths differently, choosing a variety of experiential vehicles and self-selected detours. Development, in the Dimensions listed below, will strengthen the student’s interpersonal competence and self-awareness, increase their transferable skills and knowledge, refine their beliefs, unearth their preferred vocation, and stimulate social conscientiousness. It is our hope that the Dimensions of Development will inspire CI faculty, administrators, student affairs professionals and, most importantly, the students to commit to the University mission while nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

Values & Integrity

  • Exploring predetermined beliefs and clarifying personal values
  • Values are reflected in socially responsible actions  
Values and Integrity WeekBe a part from the start


  • Being aware of different flavors and intensities of emotions and learning appropriate channels for expressing emotions
  • Seeking out and savoring positive emotions of love, joy and hope


  • Promoting physical wellness and healthy living
Health Week Poster


  • Expanding subject matter knowledge and developing a collection of skills to comprehend, analyze and synthesize


  • Being comfortable with body, appearance, gender, sexual orientation
  • Achieving self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Determining what kind of person one wants to be and having a sense of balance and perspective
  • Developing skills to effectively and sensitively communicate with others
  • Demonstrating effective social behavior in a variety of settings/circumstances
  • Choosing and contributing positively to healthy relationships
  • Accepting the flaws and appreciating the assets of others
Intra Interpersonal Week posterCitizenship Week Poster


  • Developing the ability to intentionally find a place in the larger whole and to preserve and enhance it for the next inhabitants by participating in civic engagement, service learning and volunteerism activities


  • Appreciating and understanding art and artistic expression
  • Recalling, embracing and appreciating one’s ability to think and act creatively
  • Finding creative ways to express emotional energy
Creativity Week Poster


    • Developing a sense of self in a social, historical, religious and cultural context
    • Responding to people as individuals rather than as stereotypes
    • Committing to reaching across barriers created by unfamiliarity and fear
    • Recognizing, understanding and appreciating differences
Life and Career Planning

Life & Career Planning

  • Discovering what one loves to do by assessing and exploring interests and options
  • Clarifying goals and making future life and career plans
  • Devoting time and energy toward achieving goals 

Chickering, A.W., Reisser, L. (1993). Education and Identity. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco

Block Parties [top]

The Block Party DJ in action.

The Block Party committee is guided and inspired by the objectives of strengthening the sense of campus community over the weekend; increasing the number of students staying on campus over the weekend; creating a tradition that provides for cross-campus collaboration; providing a fun, safe and healthy weekend program; and increasing involvement in campus activities. Block parties are typically held on the second Friday of every month from 9 p.m. to midnight on Ventura Street between Santa Cruz and Anacapa villages. Each block party is based around a theme, resulting in activities and marketing in support of related thematic elements. 

Family Weekend [top]

tug-of-war competition at Family Weekend.

Family Weekend has been a traditional CI event since 2002. Sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, Family Weekend aims to enhance students’ educational experience, reconnect families, and further develop a relationship based on shared values with all members of the CI family. Family Weekend is designed to support the University mission and values and the goals of the Division of Student Affairs.

Dolphin Days [top]

Sponsored by Associated Students Inc. and Student Life, the Dolphin Days program brings together a series of week-long events that demonstrate the CI community’s dedication to enhancing the quality of life for CI students by promoting academic success, personal development and CI Pride. Dolphin Days is designed to increase student pride for themselves and their University and to enhance and support the University mission.

Santa Rosa Island Trip [top]

This spring will mark the inaugural Santa Rosa Island Service Trip. In collaboration with the Santa Rosa Island Research Station, students that attend Serve It Up events or serve on the SRI Student Committee will qualify for this free trip sponsored by Ventura County Credit Union, the SRI Research Station, and New Student, Orientation & Transition Programs. Chance of selection will increase the more service days attended. The online application will be available in March 2016. The trip is designed to introduce students to the history, habitat and future of Santa Rosa Island, sustainable living strategies, community living and learning, team building, and the rewards of service. The trip will take place Friday, April 29 - Sunday, May 1, 2016.

Santa Rosa Island Service Trip Requirements

An application is required, a 500 word essay stating why you believe you should be selected, and a letter of recommendation by a faculty or staff member to strengthen the application is strongly encouraged. Applications will be available online in March and are due April 15.

Student applicants must be in good academic standing (2.0 minimum GPA) and in good behavioral standing. Students that cannot be accommodated will be placed on a waiting list by order of priority based on: number of Serve It Up events attended and/or SRI Student Committee participation and compelling interest stated in the online application.      

All inquiries regarding the Santa Rosa Island trip may be directed to Kirsten Moss, Director of Multi-Access Programs, at kirsten.moss@csuci.edu 

Santa Rosa Island Service

Purpose of Transition Programs [top]

As a programmatic element of New Student, Orientation and Transition Programs (NSOTP), Transition Programs consist of a series of large- and small-scale events designed to assist CI students with the on-going transition into the University, especially the first 10 weeks. Transition Programs events reflect the Student Affairs core value of collaboration, since various campus constituents come together and resonate the unique campus culture known as the CI Way.

2012-13 Orientation Leaders.

Visit the University Calendar for a current events schedule.