Orientation Leaders (OLs) are responsible for assisting CSU Channel Islands with orientation preparation, planning, coordination, and facilitation. OLs welcome new students to the campus and enhance their University experience through mentoring, workshop training, presentations, activities, and events.

OLs are responsible for working with students as they adjust to a new environment by assisting with answering any questions they and/or family members may have, performing academic and peer advising, planning and presenting orientation sessions, performing preparation work, and imparting historical and current information about CI.


The primary purpose of the orientation leader is to carry out the aims of Island View Orientation (IVO) in the following ways:

  1. Offer new students, parents and guests the best possible introduction to the programs and services at CI
  2. Assist students in their adjustment to CI
  3. Assist with the development and implementation of Transfer Connections, Student Service Summit, the Welcome Celebration, Ask Me Campaign, and Dolphin to Dolphin

Duration of the 2015 OL Experience

Orientation Leader hiring will be conducted in the fall, and the position officially begins with voluntary training in the spring for approximately 40 hours total. OLs will then work 40+ hours per week and live on campus from approximately the end of the spring semester through mid-July. OLs will then be expected to work 40 hours from mid-August through the start of the semester.

Additionally, OLs are expected to volunteer time in the following ways: six (6) hours for Discover CI in the spring, six (6) hours for the Ask Me Campaign in the fall, and follow-ups with freshmen in the fall.

Orientation Leaders must be available for the following events:

  • Discover CI: April 11, 2015
  • Welcome Celebration: August 23, 2015
  • Ask Me Campaign: August 24 – 25, 2015
  • Spring Training Sessions that will occur on Fridays beginning in the spring
  • 2015 Freshmen and Transfer Orientation Dates: (2015 dates will be posted in November)

Special Notes

Orientation staff shirts will be provided and must be worn during all orientations. OLs are expected to wear their own shorts or pants (which meet agreed upon guidelines).  

Additional Position Information

Orientation Leaders are an important and intricate part of a new student’s initiation to the University. An OL is a student who is employed by New Student, Orientation and Transition Programs (NSOTP) and is selected on the basis of his/her intellect, motivation, leadership qualities, willingness to assume responsibilities, embodiment of CI spirit and ability to relate to first-time college students. All OLs are supervised by and directly responsible to the associate director of Access, Orientation and Transition Programs (AOT), and are under the general direction of the NSOTP assistant. Job performance will be evaluated by the students attending orientation, fellow orientation staff, and AOT staff. The unique role of the OL requires flexibility, creativity and the ability to be a source of information, an educator and, finally, a figure of leadership. In addition, OLs should be committed to their own personal growth and development as students themselves. 

Orientation Leader Position Description

(18 Orientation Leader positions)

Job Description

The orientation leader (OL) is responsible for assisting CI in preparing for, planning, coordinating and facilitating IVO. The orientation leader must have excellent communication skills and the ability to relate to first-year and transfer students. Organizational skills are also essential, as is the ability to learn quickly, give clear instructions, and solve problems in a timely and efficient manner. Involvement in some areas of campus life and familiarity with the organizations and resources of the University through volunteer or work experience are desirable. OLs should be enthusiastic ambassadors of the University. In addition, OLs must be able to relate well with students, parents, family members, and CI faculty/staff.  OLs should be comfortable working independently and as a part of the orientation staff team.


Students applying for the orientation leader position must:

  • Have attended CI for at least one semester
  • Be a student in good academic and behavioral standing at CI with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 upon the completion of the fall 2014 semester*
  • Demonstrate good organizational and communication skills
  • Have the ability to relate to a diverse population
  • Have the ability to effectively communicate with large audiences
  • Be a team player with intrinsic motivation
  • Have experience with team development and conflict resolution

Additional Requirements

  • Incumbents may not take traditional, on-campus classes during the summer while employed.
  • OLs are not permitted to work another job during IVO and are expected to keep their outside commitments to a minimum.


Orientation Leaders will receive $1,500, which will be broken up into separate monthly checks over the duration of the summer, and housing from approximately the end of the spring semester to July 10 and again from August 12 to 23 in Anacapa Village or Santa Cruz Village if living on campus for the fall 2014 semester.  OLs will also gain valuable transferable experience with mentoring peers; have the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of others that are going through an important transition; and be introduced to the Student Affairs profession.

*Please note:  Dates are subject to change and no exceptions will be made to this policy.